Education is the path to success.

Our training courses are geared towards interactive, comprehensible and target group-oriented presentations. A far cry from boring compulsory events! We promise you varied and customized training material that not only inspires us!

Our range of training courses

"As soon as you have become a master in one thing, you should become a student in another." - Gerhart Hauptmann

We share Gerhart Hauptmann’s opinion and are happy to provide support in constantly learning new things. For a long time now, training courses have no longer relied on frontal concepts, but rather on the joint development of the subject matter. We don’t want our training courses to be compulsory, but rather to get employees excited about the topic and the content to be taught during the training. Thanks to our experienced instructors and the appropriate methods and technical conditions, we always succeed!

Qualified speakers

All of our speakers are experts in their field. Not only do they have many years of experience, they have also undergone in-depth training to give you the decisive advantage!

Versatile subject areas

We offer you a unique diversity of training courses. We can provide you with speakers in the areas of project planning and process optimization or for topics relating to youth work and volunteering. We also offer complementary training in the area of marketing.

Completely individual

We do not sell you standard training courses that have already been used hundreds of times. It is important to us to adapt each training course individually to your needs, company structures and requirements.

Cost-effective through passion

It may sound simple, but our speakers are passionate about their topic. They are not full-time speakers but earn a little extra money with the training courses. This means that they not only bring a practical pool of experience from their everyday lives, but also do the training for the sake of it and not for the money.

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