Without identity, no trust!

Present a uniform image to your customers and impress them with clearly defined goals and values. A well-implemented corporate identity (CI) enables you to achieve lasting customer loyalty and a unique positioning in the market.

Corporate Identity

It has always been important to stand out from the competition. But if you want to survive today, it is necessary to give your company an identity. This creates recognition value and ensures customer loyalty and trust. With a defined corporate identity (CI), advertising measures become much more effective and facilitate the work of marketing. Within the framework of a CI, you deal with your company philosophy, your company behavior and a uniform text and visual language. This may sound complicated and time-consuming at first, but it will help you immensely.

And don’t worry: we support you, guide you through this process and record the results in your very own corporate identity.

Corporate Philosophy

At the heart of the corporate philosophy is the vision, i.e. the mental image of a conceivable, future and desirable state of your company. Because the vision is always a driving force. The overriding values, attitudes and standards of your company are then derived from the vision.

Corporate Behavior

Corporate behavior is also an important instrument of corporate identity. It is the coherent behavior of the company with its effects and consequences. The way the company behaves is how it is perceived by its employees and customers.


Corporate Design

Companies that strive for a clear position in the market need a uniform image that reflects the company’s philosophy. A cohesive visual concept is an essential tool for highlighting the company and emphasizing its special expertise and character. This includes, for example, colors, logos, fonts, imagery and much more…

Corporate Image

The corporate image determines the overall public image of your company. It shows the subjective perception of your target group. It can therefore be accurate, distorted, positive, negative, driving or slowing down. It therefore provides an insight into the effectiveness of your image.

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